AN.ONYMOUS in collaboration with Banamid organizes a conference on the work of Peter Eisenman in Tehran, Iran. The conference, titled “From Autonomy to Automation: The Work of Peter Eisenman” will focus on the defining legacy of Peter Eisenman spanning across 50 years of his intellectual and professional body of work. The conference will trace the evolution of Eisenman’s work over time and will examine its imprint on the contemporary discourse of architecture. 

“From Autonomy to Automation” is organized in three main sessions: Autonomy (1968-1978), Archeology (1978-1988), and Automation (1988-present), corresponding to the three stages of Eisenman’s work. Each session would begin with an introductory talk by one of the conference speakers and will follow a response by Peter Eisenman. The Speakers will include Peter Eisenman, Cynthia Davidson, Meghdad Sharif, as well as AN.ONYMOUS principals Iman Ansari and Marta Nowak. The Conference will take place on May 13-14, 2014 in the International Conference Center in Milad Tower in Tehran. The event is open to public to stimulate critical dialogues amongst participants, and instigate a broader discussion about the state of contemporary architecture in Iran. Conference organizers also anticipate that this event would promote intellectual and cross-cultural exchange between Iran and the rest of the world. For more information about the event and registration please visit here.