PRODUCTIVITY is a mobile personal working space designed for NASA JPL that seeks to rethink and reinvent the office environment. Seen as an alternative office cubicles and benches, and at the same time challenging the conventional office duo chair and desk in favor of a hybrid machine that is at once a vehicle, a prosthetic device, and micro-environment. 

Derived from a series of ergonomic studies, the interior topography of the pod accommodates a variety of functions and conditions for its working body: from reading and responding emails on a desktop computer, teleconferencing or speaking on the phone, to listening to music, texting or having a private phone conversation with friends or family, taking a coffee or lunch break at one’s desk, or even simply relaxing for a few minutes within the busy working schedule. 

Unlike regular office chairs, these mobile pods provide a personal space, can accommodate new functions, and are able to maneuver a variety of terrains therefore enabling more topographic possibilities on the floor.