AN.ONYMOUS is a transdisciplinary de- sign firm based in Los Angeles and New York. Founded by Iman Ansari and Marta Nowak, AN.ONYMOUS as a transdisciplinary design practice focusing on speculative approaches towards architecture and urbanism in relation to ecology, technology and biology, Since its inception in 2012, AN.ONYMOUS has engaged in numerous international projects. Projects encompass a diverse range of scales from urban and architectural design to furniture and prosthetics, published and exhibited in international venues including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and Hammer Museum, and A+D Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles. AN.ONYMOUS is currently a design consultant for NASA JPL and a design partner of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). 


5029A West Jefferson Boulevard 

Los Angeles, California 90016 

T: +323.840.3454